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Healthcare Branding & Marketing is completely different from any other product or service to succeed. You need to understand the domain completely and also understand the ever-so-changing landscape and the pulse of the audience.

Shrinivas Ayyar
Healthcare Branding Guru

Decades of expertise
At Religiate, we understand the domain.
We have an excellent content team
that can produce quality medical fibre.

Scientific branding that delivers
what you seek the most:

Religiate Health is a pioneer in Hospital Branding. We launched the I corporate Hospital 3 decades back. And since then, we have worked with more than 50 hospitals, diagnostic centres and medical companies.

We are the Brand Doctors for Hospitals and Healthcare companies with the vitamins and tonics for a fast paced growth.

We have successfully launched more than a dozen hospitals. Some of them on shoe string budgets too.

We are a high Metrics driven
Hospital Branding Company

We believe what gets measured gets done. We deploy a Healthcare Marketing Dashboard which analyses and gives you an insight of the Brand Health of your hospital.

Everything is measured. How did the Corporate Brochure perform? Which Billboard worked? Which patient leaflet is creating traction.

We have Medical Doctors
who produce compelling content.

Let us admit it, getting the content right for a hospital is a huge problem. Getting Local content is even more difficult, which is where we specialize: Quality content, Infographics, Videos, Slide Decks, Animatics. We have the specialization for decades.

We help create
a Branded Culture

Branding is about creating the right set of expectations. And meeting it. Our Brand Championships Module helps deliver brand based training programs. We have scores of training modules that help in creating the right culture . Thus, we enable you to walk the talk.

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We help build a Data- Driven
Digital Brand Ecosystem

Harness the Power of Digital Branding to create Awareness of the Right Kind 78% of patients know only the top 5 hospitals when it comes to the Hospital decison making. Thus, the money that you are spending may all be going down the drain. This is where Data Driven Branding comes into play. We help keep the Brand awareness to an optimum level combining Brand Awareness, Strategic Communication, Channel Communication and Tactical Communication. This 4 pronged approach helps you create focused recall and effectively reach those 78% of patients.

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Attend our Free Seminar on Exceptional Healthcare Branding & Marketing Religiate Health is coming out with Free Seminars across India to enable you to access the power of Branding and Marketing. These seminars and webinars will teach you how you can brand your hospitals better and deploy the Branding Dashboards that can help you understand how Data Driven Branding is the way to win in a highly competitive world.

Helping you deliver Return on Investment

Religiate Health is your strategic Branding and Marcom partner in today’s super competitive marketplace. We specialize in developing and implementing proven marketing programs - strategic and tactical that is designed to deliver SMART measurable results. We combine Online and offline strategies to deliver 360 degree impact. we have built a talented and experienced healthcare marcom teams that dedicate every day to attracting the new patients and new cases you want to your website, your phone lines and your patient hubs. Best of all, we will monitor
your performance regularly and help create traction.

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How did we use Indian Mythology to communicate Teleradiology for a corporate Hospital 20 years back?

Brand IdeAha!
Is your Brand Identity a secret code that spurs internal action that translates into cohesive customer experience?

Talk to us on how we help to embed
core brand strategy into the identity systems.

How did we create a Word of Mouth that aimed
to create buzz as part of the brand strategy
of a healthcare startup?

Spatial Branding

A 25 point program that goes beyond wayfarers
to use hospital as media - to cross promote,
educate and amplify core brand personality.

We are experts in Hospital Spatial Branding.

How did we use interactive healthcare
infographics and digital displays to engage the audience?

Hospital Uniforms
Is the core brand tonality reflected in the uniforms?

Does it speak the Brand Language?

Collaterals & Mini Campaigns
Hospitals need a number of mini campaigns.
Is the communication calendar robust?
Does it measure the effectiveness of each tactic?

How did we create designer uniforms
for a corporate hospital in Mumbai?

How did we craft 33 mini campaigns within the annual communication calendar for a hospital in Bangalore?

Brand Tonality
Does the stationery, carry bags
have the essential brand character?
Do they communicate the same narrative?

How did we re-craft the BrandStory™
of a Cancer Hospital thru patient expectations mapping?

Visual Bank

Today's communication need strong visual nails
to hammer the brand message.

How did we create the visual fibre
for 22 different campaigns and communication
initiatives with the style of the brand running thru?

Need analysis & a brand audit?

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Digital PR

Is PR built-into the overall texture
of the communication system?

How did we create a PR Crescendo for a hospital
that was slating out a massive expansion plan?

Brand Championships

Are the Brand values well percolated internally?
Is there a tracked brand based learning systems
that makes learning fun and interactive? .
Are the teams using the brand glue
to culturally bond seamlessly?

How did we deploy the championship program
across a 400 member team where even the doctors
participated wholeheartedly?

Halo Branding
The brand stars. Do we know them?
Would they amplify the corporate communications
without spending a fortune?

How did brand research reaffirm
the need to brand a star doctor as
the international patient magnet?

How did we use Social Selling
to engage the doctors community
and create the edge

How did we slash media budgets
by 75% for a hospital and yet increased patient traction?

Talk to us on how we used Audible
to help a tertiary care hospital
communicate its brand essence.

How did we use old patient data
to create marketing dashboards that
delivered rich, contextual cross-selling?

How did we use Word of Mouth score
to create Buzz and increase patient satisfaction?

How did we help a Bariatric Surgery Hospital
nurture patients over a long and complex
marketing lifecycle?

How did we create a Game for a hospital
that helped exceed service delivery four notches higher?

How did we use Social Media
to garner positive Earned Media
for a corporate Hospital?

How did we use the Timeshare
Resort concept to make a
diagnostic centre deliver delight?

How did we craft a series of stories
for a hospital to demonstrate
predictive analytcs?

How did we use Word of Mouth Scores
to slash down the communications budgets
of a E-Commerce Diagnostics Company?

How did we deliver 6X growth
for a hospital by making it a fun place to be?

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