What does your brand sound Like?

Companies, Brands and Individuals can use music and sound to communicate their essence, alter perception and gain competitive edge.

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We are the Audible Branding Experts
with over 10800 man hours of Sound Experience.

How did a international chain of restaurants
use experential branding deploying audible branding?

We ran an FM Radio Station for 2 years
more than a decade back.

How did a Pharma Company use
internal anthem to motivate its sales team?

How did we create an Award Winning Chefs
song for an edible oil brand?

Our Founder Director
was a Radio Jockey three decades back.

What flavor of Voice Over do you need for your brand:
American, British English, Hindi, Urdu?

We combine Audible
+ Web Technology + Mobile Technology
to deliver magic? What flavor of Voice
Over do you need for your brand:
American, British English, Hindi, Urdu?

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How did a Hospital use an internal anthem
to create brand traction.

How did a Hospital in Mumbai
use a Ghazal to create audible traction?

How did a school communicate
its essence thru Audible.

We work with master composers:
AR Rahman, Shankar Ehsan & Loy and many more
to deliver you the best

How did an Organic Brand use Brand Song
to demonstrate its core philosophy

How can you use Audible Branding
in Mobile Marketing

How can you use effective Music on Hold
to offer promotion messages?

From Pratap Sharma to Alisha Chinai:
The best of voices, the cream of singers collaborate
to deliver the ultimate sound experience.

How can you create a Digital Office
using Audio Conferencing?

How did an edible oil brand create a community
of cardiologist tips using the power of podcasts

How can we help you create a virtual
call centre on a shoe string budget?

How can you record sales calls
inbound and outbound for internal training purposes?

How can we use Call Recording
to increase your Demand Generation Programs?

How did we create an Award Winning
Audible Action Sequence for an apparel brand?

How did we create an Award winning
Radio Spot using Negative Advertising?

Your customer calls. You have 5 seconds to hook them.
Do you have a great Brand Opener?

Do you need a Toll Free Number with audible branding.

11 ways of crafting a great Audible Brand Experience

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