Do you want to add magic to
your real estate branding

How to Brand your Luxury Real Estate
Brand with virtually no advertising spends

How to Spy on the Competitors
of your Real Estate Brand

Do you want to add magic to
your real estate branding

How to use Word of Mouth Marketing to
Power up your Real Estate Project ?

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introductory Offer

Coming Soon:
How to make your Real Estate Digital Ads
stand out - 50 Amazing Ideas

More than 2 decades in Branding.
Helping REAL ESTATE Brands win

We are experts in
Constructions and Real Estate marketing.

Because we have great domain knowledge and
we use our BrandMap Process to understand
the customer journey and map it in the Buy Radar.
We have helped in Branding Real Estate companies
in Hyderabad and Bangalore succeed.

I need a
Brand Audit.

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Can you go beyond
the Ultra Expensive, Uber Brochure?

The super Expensive uber brochure may be
important but it is not the be-all, it once was.
Its story selling span, unless innovative, is limited.

Are you telling your brand
story well enough?

We used the power of storytelling to sell
a multi-crore villa with zero advertising.
Or increase the sft realization by 30%.

Real Estate is retail.

While buyers span geographies handling
real estate branding, we understand that
the 6 Kms radius is critical As experts in retail
advertising, we use the retail magnet to deliver success?

Is my real estate
strategy correct.

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How did a premium apartment brand
use collateral scarcity to win..

Scarcity adds to the mystique.
We helped a premium apartment brand
build scarcity.

Having difficulty
selling your project?

We use the Build-Operate-Transfer Process
to successfully implement

The Customer Funnel has vanished.
Say hello to the BuyRadar ™

The siloed Hot, Warm, Cold Leads
Buckets disappeared with the analog age.
Welcome to the new, dynamic BuyRadar.

The four stages of the radar are the

1. Prad

3. Orad

2. Irad

4. Nrad

of the Radar.

The customer is just aware of you Orad.
The customer has put you in the consideration basket.
Irad : The customer is seriously interested.
Nrad :The customer is in a BuyPoint.
Ready to transact unlike siloed buckets, the customer is like a firefly,
constantly flitting from each stage to the other.

Are you tracking him?

Project Communication
+ Parent Branding
the delicate Architecture.

It is critical to balance the parent brand
and the specific project brand and create an architecture.

Are the Leads in
your Ecosystem fully secure?

Real estate Leads are expensive?
Are they secure?
Do they belong only to the company or are they scattered?

Help us reconfigure our leads
in the secure Buy Radar.

Are you using
the power of PR 2.0

Al Ries and Jack Trout wrote the book :
The fall of Advertising and the Power of PR.
Use the Power of PR to build your brand
as a consistent, strategic plan.

The crucial communication Mix: Branding, Advertising, Engagement and Response Led Communication:

The Fourth Diemsion Most real estate companies
start and often remain stuck at the bottom of the communication.

How did a real estate brand
institutionalize the sales manager?

The sales Manager is a great guy. Loved by the customers.
He represents your brand. Replicating this quintessential guy
is what can make the brand a success. Ask us how

Aligning Sales & Marketing
in the Digital Age
Expensive Leads.

Complex Buy Cycles. Abundant customer choice.
All these have made sales and marketing super aligned Easier
said than done because sales is from Mars and Marketing is from Venus.
But when the handshake happens the result is magical.

Please conduct a
Free Sales & Marketing
Alignment Audit

We want to know where we score?

How did a Villa sell with zero budgets
in advertising :
No Newspapers, No Billboards at all.

Zero ATL Budgets. NO TV. No large Full Page and Double Spread Ads. No Billboards
We delivered organic growth for a brand by telling the story differently.

Sales Packaging :
critical in nurturing the lead?

Think beyond the brochure. Today's real estate sales needs
twenty or more types of collateral. This is where traditional companies fail.
If the collateral treasury is full, the chances of success are more.

Are you sensitizing
the common pool of information?

Offices are stuck in the Analog Age. Those in the Digital Migration are stuck in piles of Emails or Whatsapp.
Access to a centralized knowlege repository is missing, here is where we come in. We help set up a
centralized Marketing & Sales Hub where information access is within seconds.

Give us a Demo in creating a
Paperless Sales & Marketing Digital Hub

Is there an automated alert to sales
when a customer is about to buy?

Does Sales receive an alert that the customer is nearing the Buy Point.
If it does, the chances of closure are upto 6 times higher.

Where is the customer
this minute in your Buy Radar?

Every day, every week, the customer is flitting across your communication,
side stepping it, consuming it or storing it. Do you know where is the customer today?

Are you wearing
an X-Ray Vision?

We all know that 62% of the decisions are made before a customer
starts a serious dialog with the sales teams. It could be lesser or more but are you wearing
the X Ray Vision to spot the customer's Thermal Point.

Do you have small data
to help you win?

Real Estate does not need big data. It is the small data that is crucial.
When small data is cross referenced, it can lead to an insight.The car he drives.
The watch he wears or the smartphone he carries could help you structure the pitch better.

How did a Mall without a Multiplex
create a win: win strategy?

Malls need multiplexes to create the pull factor. Indeed.
But what do you do when you do not have a multiplex
Innovation is the answer. We helped malls win. Irrespective.

Do your teams
have an elevator pitch?

An audio intro? We help create an elevator pitch that resonates well.

Are you using the power of media
domination to win?

269 media options. A zillion different ideas.
What do you do? Do you have a differentiated domination strategy
We help you take decisions using the power of analytics..

Offline Analytics to ensure you drop
the expensive Billboard in favor of Handbills.

How do you compare two sets of media? Or even different media vehicles?
Our Scientific Media Planning Tool helps real estate branding deliver great spend optimization.

Are you mapping
the site visit?

Every site visit is a storehouse of rich information. But unfortunately,
most of them get lost in transit. Do you have a system to capture this and create
small data big enough to sell like hotcakes?

Can you fly like a
butterfly and sting like a bee?

The Legendary boxer Muhammed Ali said agility was his greatest strength.
So true in a digital age. A digital lead has a shelf life of 3 minutes.
Okay stretch it to 60 minutes. Do you have the ecosystem to sting like a bee?

Can you afford not to
have a Digital Call Centre?

The digital Call center is a necessity. Before you spend a rupee on advertising,
get a fully wired call centre in place. Restructure your round robin. Train the teams.
Get web based and analog based call scenarios worked out. Have scripts in place. Monitor. Train. Rinse.

Is your sales stuck
in the stone age?

Is sales using the power of social media. Do they have the customer info
on their smatphones.20 years back we helped a large real estate brand sell
more than 1000 units using the power of Tracked user info.

Does your sales have access
to the latest collateral?

Every Tower you sell creates opportunities, every bunch of villas sold throws the need for newer,
improved sales collateral. Unless you are a traditional single brochure led company, the brand publishing
is a regular need. And sales needs access to the latest, when they need it.

Do you have a compelling referral strategy
that goes beyond incentives?

Paying people for Referrals is old CRM. The new is to engage them in the mission.
But whatever it is more than 50% of your sales can come from referrals.
Are you tapping this effectively?

Are you still using the Weapons of Mass Destruction
instead of Targetted Missiles?

We see this often. Response Led Communication that is made to look like Branding campaigns?
Are you still using expensive media campaigns instead of sharp focussing?

One on One Branding
because every customer's needs are unique

From the Weapons of Mass Destruction, to super fine, super targetting.
These are laser sharp communication that creates the aura around the brand.

Are customers
telling your stories?

When you tell your own story, it is often called Advertising.
Just flip the funnel and let your customers tell the story.
They tell it with heart and soul. And these become recommendations.
We help you tell stories thru your customers.

Are you selling to the
internal stakeholders?

what happens to customers after they buy, they are forgotten.
New age companies realize that every stakeholder when effectively
engaged can create advocacy.

Are you tapping the power of
Brand Activation?

Activations in Real estate needs to throb with energy. It needs to engage.
Most activations emulate the FMCG route with the result they fail.
We use the power of social activation to create magic.

Is your Digital Agency
forcing you to think small.

Digital is a great medium that works when used to its fullest potential.
Remember Digital is a story telling medium. And when it comes to the
power of stories, it is advisable not to think small.

Are you using the
power of Audible Branding

Does your brand have a mini Audible every time your phone rings?
Does the phone ring with your tune? We are experts in Audible.
With over 3 decades of delivering great audible solutions.

How did a commercial complex
use advantage branding to win.

There are multiple perspectives to real estate, be it commercial or residential.
You need to create an Advantage Hierarchy based on customer needs.
The Advantage branding can be a great way to engage customers.

Is your Site branding
creating a stir?

Are you building QR codes in every communication? Are you doing your A/B Testing?
Is communication being refreshed. Your site branding, your offices, your spaces
are story telling medium? Are you effectively using it.

Are you reviving
your cold leads from the ICU?

Imagine if you could revive one lead from the cold leads ICU,
that is one less in the crowded morgue. We help you revive super frigid leads too.

Have you come out of the
Intrusive Age of Interruption Marketing?

Tactics in sales sometimes take the sheen off your brand.
In today's DND age, it can even land people in trouble.
When it comes to interruption marketing, our advise is a
single word: "Don't" We harmonize your brand better
by creating a tactic hygiene.

Are you listening to the customer
during every visit?

You do not need expensive market research to harvest insights.
Listen to the customer and institutionalize it.

Are you refreshing your
brochure every quarter?

In this print on demand age are you still printing thousands of brochures.
Instead of looking at economies of scale, look at economies of loss prevention.
More importantly, are you restructuring your brochure regularly.

Are you using the
power of Video Marketing?

Think beyond words and visuals to moving images.
Today is the day of Video Marketing. Think video to
capture the imagination of your customers.

How can you charge a premium
which the customers would gladly pay?

The answer is an emphatic Yes. Provided you invest in your brand.
Provided you get your media mix right.

Are you using the Power of
Word of Mouth to fan the Buzz

Nothing works like WOM in real estate communications.
Yet, so little is done to harvest it.

How did a Township
use the power of NPS
to create Word of Mouth

Are you using the power of
International Marketing?

The 4th P of Marketing has transcended geographical barriers.
By targetting right use the power of international marketing.

The sheer power of
cluster marketing?

The true success of Real estate marketing lies in using cluster marketing effectively.
Seth Godin calls it the Art of Building Tribes. Are you building Tribes?

Are there sales programs
to help you sales sell better?

Sales need training. On customer behavior. On spotting signals and
in the gentle art of customer education. Is that a built-in process?

How did a Apartment use
Brand Publishing to its advantage?

How did spend optimization help a brand
reduce its ad2sales ratio dramatically?

Are you using a cascading methodology to create predictive
ad2sales ratios. That is critical to the success.

How did a real estate brand
redefined its brand using fuzzy logic.

We are end to end solution providers in Branding,
Marketing, Sales and Advocacy.

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