We help you take a long holiday
while your business grows dramatically.

Religiate is
an interactive branding company
with a focus on enabling businesses

We are Brand Doctors with the vitamins and tonics for enhanced business growth by delivering solutions in Branding. Cutting-edge Design. Digital, Mobile and PR 2.0. All seamless and tightly integrated.

We help organizations in crafting a profitable brand strategy aligned to their business KPIs, develop culture building and sensitize customer touch points. We translate brand strategy into stunning brand design and innovation through design collaboration to communicate brand essence and to manage and enhance brand value.

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy



Brand Value

Brand Value

How did we help
an apparel company grow
from Rs.50,000 to over Rs.350 crore
using the power of
Desire Engineering?
How did we help
an organic habitat project
deliver success
using a powerful
Global BrandStory™

We design brands with digital at its core. We amplify it thru Digital PR, social listening, mobile dynamics and experiential marketing communications. We help clients with their customer acquisition and relationship nurturing efforts through an intelligent one-on-one branding™
and telescopic brand conversations to make brands distinctive.

We use permission based strategies to initiate meaningful dialogue to nourish and nurture customer engagement through interactive brand publishing.

We help brand and sensitize
multiple customer touchpoints

How can we help you brand your company?

We help our clients aggregate their brand awareness, customer engagement and experiential initiatives by delivering integrated deep insights garnered from their prospects, connect with their brand touch-points and social graph, thus creating meaningful synergy.

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How did we create
the most premium milk brand
in the whole world?

How did we help a hospital
to reposition itself
by making the world smile?

How did we help
a visually impaired youngster create
a stunning social enterprise?

How did we help
a medical diagnostic company
create a sustainable
E-Commerce Presence?

Our BrandName Lab
creates more than 50 stunning
new brand names
with a fiber-filled BrandStory™

Our core strengths Business Graph

Media Optimization thru Advanced Analytics

Digital Media Planning & Buying

CRM & Marketing Automation

Desire Engineering

Mapping the Word of Mouth Score

Religiate - Pronounced:
Rel-izh -iate a French neologism meaning
"enhancing customer experience"
to reinforce trust.
We have our presence in
India and the USA.
We use the S-Map Process
to deliver brand success

Brand Map


Brands today need to be distinctive. To enable that, we cohesively fuse core business strategy with a distinct, organic brand strategy. We decipher the competition's Achilles heel points, amplify our key strengths and decode our core brand promise. We help translate the cohesive business plan into strategic initiatives that act as a compass guiding important key decisions. We define core KPIs and set timelines and resources to achieve it.

Brand DNA


We audit internal systems and processes and understand marketing and digital readiness. We scan internal knowledge repositories and the customer touchpoints. We assess the culture and the core values that resonate effectively with the tribes of consumers. Through a series of internal audits, we understand the service levels in synch with the brand essence. We create a TNA – Training Need Analysis from the brand perspective.

Brand Create


Once the Brand strategy is in place and we understand the culture and core values we craft the BrandStory – an emotion laden tale that creates the differentiation and the deep-rooted recall. We also look at episodic reinforcement of key messages across multiple customer touchpoints: Marketing Communications Collateral, Identity Systems, Spatial Branding, Audible, Sales Packaging, Digital and social assets and corporate presentations.



We are not a digital marketing company but instead we understand that we need to market in a digital world. BrandBuzz is our pro-digital ecosystem that fits into the overall brand initiative thru the S-Map and thus is not a silo. We tell the Brand Story to stakeholders in a digital world. We define KPIs. We manage the owned, earned and shared media thru well-synchronized digital branding efforts. We help customers thru the Digital Radar.



This is the Customer Acquisition and nurture module. There are hundreds of tactics to reach prospective customers and stakeholders and tell the BrandStory. BrandConnect decides on the right media vehicles. We enable you with an X-Ray vision. We deliver highly efficient ad to sales ratios by integrating data and brand communication. We have a scientific media planning and brand activation suite to help stretch the budgets the farthest and deliver success.

Brand Track


We would be able to demonstrate a lot of qualitative indices of our effectiveness: Brand Equity, Differentiation, Customer Loyalty. But we will talk of 2 metrics that your CFO would love: Top line Growth and Brand Spend Optimization. How can branding help you deliver exponential growth beating industry average? As part of the branding journey we optimise the allocation thru wise, calculated spending. Thus giving you better Return on Investment.

Our BrandBuzz Marketing
in a Digital World Model
enables Digital Planning
and Enhanced Analytics

We convert
your blank business
spaces and environs
into well designed
interactive brand dialogues
thru Spatial Branding

To speak to a senior brand analyst,
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Your phone will be automatically
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Advanced Radar
We deploy an Advanced Radar
to decipher where the customers are
in their purchase journey
to create effective traction

X-Ray Vision
We help brands use 3D glasses
to see where the customer tribes are
and ascertain their Thermal Buy Levels

We help brands use
Niche Cluster Marketing
thru the Revolutionary
One on One Branding

We have crafted more than
256 Audible Branding Solutions
helping you use Mobile phones and Tele-Tech
to enhance sonic brand experience

Our Clients

Religiate Interactive - presents RxSaveZ - a II Opinion Healthcare company for Patients from India and abroad suffering from chronic diseases

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